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SoCal state Hospital for the Clinically Sane

my name is Anissa i love to talk but i'm not very good at it...I TAKE SPACEDOGS (NIGEL/ADAM) FIC RECS

*throws imaginary money everywhere* I'll paid the next round, everyone's college tuition, strippers, snacks, hannibal merchandising and vacations!! imaginary money makes me feel powerful ahaha






Im trying to resist the need to make it rain with my sobrina’s monopoly money….im sure Hannibal has a whole room full of money he dives into whenever Will gets dog hair on one of his suits.

and now I have the need to see Hannibal and Will playing monopoly, Hannibal would smirk everytime Will “goes to jail”

oh my god there is a dog’s lovers version of monopoly…wtf


Will: "Pass Go, do not collect the two stray puppies"

Will: ……..

Will: *flips board game* “I don’t like this game anymore!!”

Hannibal: *internal giggling*

Matthew: I’m always happy to do a favor for a friend, just say the word

Will: I want you to beat Hannibal Lecter in monopoly dog version…

Jack: "Did you send Matthew to kill Hannibal?"

Will: "For the record, I told him to beat him at dog-opoly not with the dog-opoly board”

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they showed the wendigo’s butt…

A Royal Affair Making Of


I think someone needs to ring Bedelia and tell her there’s something wrong with the left phalange…..



the tables are turning

This has to be my favorite work of fanart in the entire Hannibal fandom. It’s stunning.



"Have you ever been a father?"
"I was to my sister. She was not my child, but she was my charge. She taught me so much about myself. Her name was…Mischa."

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i’ve accepted “you will always be my friend” as Hannibal and Will’s version of i love you

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name: Anissa

nickname: don’t have one :( usually if someone can’t remember my name i’m ‘that girl who likes Phantom of the Opera’

birthday: September 12

sexuality: strait as a nail. i try to be cool but i don’t even like hugging other girls.

height: 5 feet

timezone:  Pacific

what time and date is it here: 3:13pm

average hours of sleep I get at night: sometimes 9 sometimes 2

the last thing I googled was: Halley Berry’s husband from Extant (that dude is GORGEOUS, he’s like if Hugh Jackman and RDJ. had a baby)

my most used phrase: ”not with that attitude”

first word that comes to mind: puffyfishery

what I last said to a family member: ”I don’t know, I like Crispin Glover” to my mom

one place that makes me happy and why: when i stay with my three brothers and sister-in-law at my uncle’s house (note: none of us are actually related). it’s a big house with lots of pets (including my bearded dragon, Hugh), expensive coffee machine, luxury bathtubs with jets, wi-fi and my uncle is an awesome cook.

how many blankets I sleep under: none right now, one during the winter

favourite beverages: green Peace Tea, strawberry lime vodka and ice water

the last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy

three things I can’t live without: media, nature, my family (not relatives)

something I plan on learning: determination

a piece of advice for all my followers: don’t take any wooden nickels

you all have to listen to this song: Papa Roach- Scars

my blogs: jus dis wun

people i’m tagging: theshippingstrawberry glassbliss what-are-frogs thecannibalfactory

Fic - The New Pet


For the inspiring Valdorsa of Gallifrey ^=^

TW: Age play, little Will, daddy Hannibal, pet!Randall Tier.

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okay, but imagine Will, after he’s known about Randall and been with Randall and Hannibal for a long time, slowly and hesitantly consenting to let Randall pin him down while he’s in the suit

because he wants a chance to feel what it’s really like under…


Imagine drunk Mads at a Hannibal cast party telling Kacey Rohl (in a fatherly fashion) her dress is too revealing.


You bore screams. Like a sculptor bears dust from the beaten stone.


You bore screams. Like a sculptor bears dust from the beaten stone.

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What happens when Will Graham rejects Dr.Lecter’s marriage proposal with the words like “I’ll marry you if you’d wear a wedding dress.”


What happens when Will Graham rejects Dr.Lecter’s marriage proposal with the words like “I’ll marry you if you’d wear a wedding dress.”

How I would narrate the Olympics